“Freud and the Uncanny Realm of the Unconscious“

A partir da articulação das principais correntes da Psicologia e das dimensões psíquicas e comunicacionais idiossincráticas, pretende-se a elaboração de uma abordagem das relações entre arte, cultura, psicologia e desenvolvimento humano.

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“Freud and the Uncanny Realm of the Unconscious“

Mensagempor AbLaZe » domingo mar 29, 2009 12:39 am



"CHROME FETUS COMICS is the central conduit for the UnderBrain. At best, the UnderBrain can be defined as the "Collective Unconscious." It is uncertain if this is an accurate description. The UnderBrain is prone to malevolence, if probed indiscreetly. However, this tempestuous force can be tamed when the correct stimulation is applied. It is a hungry thing. We receive data via dreams and hallucinations. Monkeys and infants are reported to be more receptive to UnderBrain information than the average adult human .The phenomena of UnderBrain communications is often seen in the works of writers and artists who experiment with "automatic writing", cut-up collage techniques or hallucinatory drugs. Psychologists and great thinkers have historically misinterpreted UnderBrain detritus as the key to unlocking the subconscious driving forces behind human desires and actions. They are all only half right.

The UnderBrain rewards us with insight in exchange for its vital nutrition; the absorption of our everyday sensory input. All existence is based on consumption and redistribution. The amoeba lives to devour all it encounters in its environment. Perhaps inspired by greed, it divides itself in order to consume more. The creature evolves, growing ever more complex, developing more powerful means to eat its surroundings. The outcome will yield two powerful, massive bodies engaged in mortal combat. The one that conquers will be the sum total of all things. It is God.

The comics are mostly intended simply for entertainment. They are not intended to shock people, though that is sometimes the reported result. It is hoped that readers are informed and educated by these pamphlets. They are a product of love and anguish. Do not misuse them...
Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
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Mensagempor leonardorosa » domingo mar 29, 2009 9:27 pm

Obra-prima... faz lembrar os comics da Marvel dos anos 50/60... espetáculo mas há gente que não vai aperciar como deve ser... 8)
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Re: “Freud and the Uncanny Realm of the Unconscious“

Mensagempor Nova » terça ago 09, 2011 6:31 pm

Epá eu queria tanto ver isso. Há 3 anos que ando "atrás disso" e nunca consegui ver. Tenho inveja de quem vive em Lisboa :(

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