An introduction to medicalization

Doutoranda em Psicologia Clínica (Puc-Rio, Brasil). Mestre em Psicologia Clínica (Puc-Rio, Brasil). Especialista em Psicoterapia de Família e Casal

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An introduction to medicalization

From psychological practice with adults and children, it becomes possible to observe fundamental elements that focus upon contemporary culture and raise investigations with the intent of bringing greater subsidies to the practice. Among the current relevant factors for the constitution of subjectivities, medicalization stands out for being an extension of the domain of medicine to other fields of knowledge. Medical treatments for human behaviors and suffering have been seen as something normal, commonplace and even a synonym for progress, technology and innovation. However, the generalized use of psychotropic drugs also exposes the artificialization of the human mind and body, placing in question the frontiers between nature and culture. Thus, this study seeks to present the concept of medicalization, highlighting the importance of the iatrogenic effects of medical treatment. 

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